The Bantam Lake Adventure

Hobie Kayak

Most of my wildlife excursions begin early morning on a Saturday or Sunday, so I can get back to share the day with the family.  This trip was no different.  I ventured up to Bantam Lake in Litchfield, CT.  I woke up at 4:30am, loaded up the truck, and made sure not to wake up the dogs.  That would not be good…  

I arrived at the launch site located on the Bantam River at 5am, just as the the sky was beginning to brighten up.  By 5:18am the sun would rise, but just not quite high enough to peak over the tree line.  The temps were cool with a low of 48º, so there was plenty of fog overlaying the river as I launched.  I started on down the river, forced my way over the beaver dam which blocks off the lake, and then out to search for the Eagle pair, which graces this lake. I soon would not be disappointed, as one of the two were perched out and waiting.  5:45am - Much to my surprise, three gentlemen cruised into their area on a ski boat, to prepare for a little early morning water skiing. Yeah, it was still a little too cold in my book, but…  We greeted each other a good morning, as I peddled by, and directed my kayak into the Lily Pads and out of the way of their slalom course.  I must admit, I immediately got excited to capture the action water sports which was never part of the morning’s agenda. The sun had just peaked the tree line, and the lighting suddenly became… perfect.  I also had never used my 800mm lens for any sports action, so it was a good test for me.  I think it performed pretty well.  Hopefully, you would agree. :)  

I got my fill of shots and headed back up the river, but continued to capture shots of some beautiful birds.  The American Yellow Warbler, Female Blackbird, Tree Swallows, and even a Baltimore Oriole all made an appearance along the way.  It was a fantastic late spring morning to be out on the water with my Hobie Kayak, and all my gear. :)

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